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Christians love(d) Animals Too

In the following Christian documentary (approx. 30 min) in German the unusual view is represented that even wild predators originally fed themselves vegetarian. First, living evidence of this is shown in the form of lions and cougars who eat purely vegetarian food - favourite dish of one of these Ahimhsa lions: spaghetti! - and strictly reject meat, because they were raised on vegetarian food.

God hasn't created wild beasts (German)

From the original texts of Christianity, for example, statements of the Prophet Isaiah and Moses are quoted, and also handed down scripts of Theophilus of Antioch (2nd  century A.D.) are quoted:

"But the wild beasts have their name from their wild nature, but not that they were created from the beginning as evil or poisonous, because nothing was created by God in the beginning evil, but all good, and very good. The sin of man has made them evil. For when man departed from the way, they also followed him."

Also the books of the Prophet Enoch, as for instance the "Book of Adam", which describes the time of the "Fall", obviously prove this point of view. Prof. Dr. Christfried Böttrich writes about this Book of Adam in his book "The birds of heaven have buried him".

Conclusion from this is probably that the "rebellious" human being has turned the animals against himself, so that the animals originally well-disposed towards the human being now tend to avoid him out of fear or cause him harm.

Interestingly, in the editions of the New Testament (NT) in Syria and Egypt until the 5th  century A.D., the following very clear statement was still contained:

”God doesn't want animals slaughtered,
He doesn't like the eating of meat."

However, already at the beginning of the 4th century the church in Rome asserted itself power-politically and deleted this passage without replacement from the New Testament. (Later this was obviously also done in the New Testament editions of Syria and Egypt.)

This happened under the leadership of the mighty emperor Constantine, who was at the zenith of his power at that time (about 326 AD). Some church historians mistakenly refer to him as "the first Christian emperor". Nothing could be further from the truth. For this I recommend the following scientific and also exciting documentary:

Emperor Constantine the Great (German)

Finally, Theophilus of Antioch gives us humans a hint as to how the animals can again be gentle and kind to humans (translation by the University of Freiburg):

"When man will rise again to an existence appropriate to his nature and no longer do evil, they [the animals] will also return to their original gentle nature.“

A further pleasant side effect of the vegetarian diet of all humans would be that no humans would have to starve more. According to the documentary, about 1 billion people are currently starving on earth. In order to feed vegetarians, however, there would be plenty of food (there are some scientific studies on this).

The film ends with a plea to give the animals what they deserve. No more killing, no more torturing, no more exploitation. We should have the same respect and affection for the animals as we already have for our own pets such as dogs and cats.


Personally, I was very moved by the film. It indirectly illustrates the probably most frequent cause of decadence of churches, orders and ashrams: insatiable greed and the striving for power and money, and for that the whole world is best to be missionized and conquered. Then in the end nothing is sacred anymore, and even one's own revealed writings are "corrected" at one's own discretion and their content is distorted as it suits. Natural emotions of man such as love and compassion for animals or also towards people of other faiths are partly suppressed or killed. On top of that, very hypocritically, all of this is done in the name of God, whose words they impudently have twisted, faked or freely invented.

But be careful! Not everyone who criticizes the churches or other religious societies for their moral misconduct and greed for money is a friend of the truth. On the contrary, the most vehement and loudest of their critics in the public media, in my view, have the aim of completely uprooting people's faith in saints in general, in holy scriptures and ultimately their faith in God.

Divide et impera –  Divide and Rule

True to this well-known maxim of Roman emperors and countless other regimes of the past and present, all religions today are played off against each other. Hindus against Muslims, Muslims against Christians and Hindus, Christians against Muslims and Hindus. As if that were not enough, the division unfortunately goes much deeper: Hindus against Hindus, Muslims against Muslims, Christians against Christians.

This can be observed frighteningly clearly in Internet forums. There is a global war raging against all religions and we, the peoples, are for the most part so stupid that we willingly let ourselves be incited against each other. But the masterminds behind this agitation enjoy the spectacle and wait - symbolically speaking - until all religious people have either torn each other apart and killed each other, or are so tired of fighting that they have absolutely no desire for any religion anymore.

At the end of the slaughter, the personified atheistic science, grinning maliciously inwardly, enters the hospital of the loudly wailing humanity and raises its voice hypocritically and compassionately over the heads of the hosts of injured, mourners and agonizing people:

"Look, I have always told you, religions are the sole cause of war, hatred and cruelty! Let us simply bury these anachronistic, patriarchal and inhuman religions once and for all. Instead, let us create a new religion for a new, more humane world! This could be based, for example, on the following timeless 1789 slogan:

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
Freedom, Equality, Fraternity

Doesn't that sound absolutely wonderful? No more religious fanaticism, no more wars, no more suffering, hunger or even burden of thinking. Carefree, bread, games and work for everyone! And this time we do it right, namely without God, because only in this way world peace can be guaranteed permanently".

So, that was a little thought-excursus 🙂

What do you think?