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Gluten Intolerance - Nocebo?

 "Gluten Intolerance" a Nocebo?
by Radha Ramana Dasa (France), academics, seeker of truth
and student of Nyaya (Vedic science of logic) under Babaji Maharaja

You have to consider the following when talking about "gluten intolerance":

  1. Coeliac disease is well-known since a very long time (the way to contact it may be by too quickly introducing wheat in the alimentation of the baby). To diagnose this disease we need to do a biopsy.
  2. "Gluten intolerance" is a new phenomena coming from the USA.
  3. There is a big lobby behind gluten-free dietary products with a sales volume of 4,3 billion dollars just in the USA.
  4. Modern medicine is not motivated by altruism but by money.
  5. All these blood tests have to be taken very cautiously, a lot of speculation and possibly cheating is there.
  6. There is a great deal of nocebo effect involved in the diagnostics. Correlation in time is not a causative correlation.
  7. Why I am not allergic, why is he allergic? - No answer in modern medicine.
  8. I have "cured" a friend of mine who was thinking that even eating a piece of chapattis will create a big crisis. All was in his mind.
  9. It is very difficult to be objective with oneself. Don't underestimate the nocebo effect.
  10. Many other factors could explain why I am having these symptoms (low agni, improper combinations, improper time for meals, etc...)
  11. All these big scientists, biologists, doctors, professors in white overall with strong glasses and a bald head are unable to see that meat is very bad for the body and the mind, and yet they are telling us that this small amount of gluten was very dangerous. What merit could we possibly attribute to their knowledge on nutrition and health?
  12. Real scientific studies are not supporting much of this "gluten intolerance". Psychology cannot be set aside.
  13. In the following double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial, gluten has caused gastrointestinal symptoms even in subjects without coeliac disease: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21224837

Remarks by Vedanta Dasa:
As complementary information to the above, another friend of mine,
Vinoda Krishna Dasa just sent me the following link to an article by famous Dr. McDougall. Therein he is warning people of a gluten-free diet since it had damaging effects to their health: https://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2013nl/mar/gluten.htm

Here is another link to the website http://www.healthambition.com, where this complex topic is researched very well and presented in depth, but where gluten consumption is rather warned against:


Many thanks to Helen for sharing!