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nach monatelanger intensiver und freudiger Arbeit an dieser Webseite zusammen mit unserer Webdesignerin bin ich sehr glücklich, dass nun alles soweit vollendet ist. Heute am 9.9.2016
ist zudem der Erscheinungstag von Shrimati Radharani, ein äußerst glücksverheißender Tag
für die Premiere unseres Forums und dieser Webseite als Ganzes.

Anstelle von Verhaltensregeln möchte ich einfach alle TeilnehmerInnen höflich darum bitten,
nett zueinander zu sein und auch bei Meinungsverschiedenheiten – die naturgemäß immer irgendwann bei Diskussionen auftreten werden – stets den guten Ton zu wahren.

Ich freue mich auf einen regen Austausch.

Euer Vedanta

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The following is a shortened reproduction of the original text of Chapter 14, Madhya-kanda (Part 2) of the Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata. In the previous Chapter 13 (see our recent post Nityananda's Appearance Day) the legendary transformation of the two most serious criminals Jagai and Madhai into ardent admirers of Krishna was described and celebrated. But it goes on ...

Chapter 14 reports that Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's transcendental activities were observed not only by all people with great joy, but also by the devas, the demigods. They used to visit Mahaprabhu daily (invisible to ordinary people, though) in order to offer Him their services and worship. The first to be mentioned is Shri Brahma - the four-headed architect and builder of our universe - followed by the sublime Shiva (described here as five-headed), the ultimate destroyer of the same.

Shri Yamaraja, the universally respected Lord of Death, was also a regular guest of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, accompanied by his Chief Secretary Chitragupta. In his position as Chief Justice and Dharmic Law Enforcement Authority, Jagai and Madhai´s every day robberies, rapes, murder and manslaughter etc. were causing great concern to him.

Verse 10

Yamaraja inquired with Chitragupta: How many sins did the two [Jagai and Madhai] commit? And what was the means of relieving them of these sins?

Verse 11-15

Chitragupta replied: Oh Yamaraja, please listen to me! What could possibly be the result of such a futile undertaking?

If a hundred thousand scribes wrote down for a month [Jagai and Madhai's register of sins], it would be difficult for them to successfully complete their task. Even if you tried to hear their register of sins with a hundred thousand ears, you wouldn't be able to capture everything.

Your messengers are reporting their [Jagai and Madhai's] sins to your frustrated scribes, who won't keep up with the writing! Your messengers constantly talk about the shameful deeds of the two, and are regularly insulted and beaten [by the scribes] for it.

Verse 16-19

The messengers said: It's them [Jagai and Madhai] who commit the sins, not us! After all, our responsibility is only to make sure that the sins are all recorded, so why are you beating us? If you don't record them, we will be punished. For this we collect these mountains of evidence. Because of these two we have even shed tears - how will they later be able to endure their reactions?

But now Mahaprabhu has released them from all reactions within a second! If you command [Chitragupta], we could now sink the mountains of evidence into the deep water.

Verse 20-25

Never before has Yamaraja witnessed such a glorious, ultimate liberation of conditioned souls. Yamaraja is by nature a Vaishnava. He embodies Dharma and is also well-versed in the secrets of Bhagavata-dharma.

Therefore, when Yamaraja heard these words from Chitragupta, he forgot himself, completely lost in love with Krishna. Unconscious, he collapsed on his carriage and his body showed no more signs of life. His companions, especially Chitragupta, immediately embraced him and cried bitterly.

The other demigods all travelled in their chariots singing the glories of the Lord. Only Yamaraja's chariot did not move, and its passengers were filled with lamentation.

Verse 26-28

The spectacular liberation of the two Brahmana-asuras prompted the demigods to cheerfully sing of this divine lila. All, including Shiva, Brahma, Shesha and Narada, praised the liberation of the two. Some had never experienced such a rushing kirtan before, and many were filled with tears of this act of divine mercy.

Verse 29-31

When the demigods saw Yamaraja lying motionless in his car, they stopped and parked nearby. Shesha, Brahma, Shiva and sage like Narada saw the unconscious Yamaraja. They all wondered what had happened here. Then Chitragupta explained the situation to them.

Verse 32-35

Brahma and Shiva realized that he was lost in love for Krishna and so they chanted loudly in his ear. As soon as Yamaraja heard the kirtan, he rose and began to dance, as if intoxicated! As the blissful kirtan of the demigods intensified, the son of the sun god (Yamaraja) danced in the ecstasy of love for Krishna.

When the other demigods saw Yamaraja's dance of joy, they were infected too, and all of them, including Brahma, Shiva and Narada, spontaneously began to dance together!

jaya jaya shri-chaitanya
jaya nityananda
jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda