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Liebe Devotees,

nach monatelanger intensiver und freudiger Arbeit an dieser Webseite zusammen mit unserer Webdesignerin bin ich sehr glücklich, dass nun alles soweit vollendet ist. Heute am 9.9.2016
ist zudem der Erscheinungstag von Shrimati Radharani, ein äußerst glücksverheißender Tag
für die Premiere unseres Forums und dieser Webseite als Ganzes.

Anstelle von Verhaltensregeln möchte ich einfach alle TeilnehmerInnen höflich darum bitten,
nett zueinander zu sein und auch bei Meinungsverschiedenheiten – die naturgemäß immer irgendwann bei Diskussionen auftreten werden – stets den guten Ton zu wahren.

Ich freue mich auf einen regen Austausch.

Euer Vedanta

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Radharani Express (English)

Radharani Express
Relaunch Community Newsfeed

About 12 years back on our Ganga pilgrimage, my wife and I were on the road with a merry devotee travel group. Often we went by train to the next stage of our journey, for example to Jagannath Puri or Mathura. I like to think back to these train journeys because we simply had a lot of fun together with the group: We talked, laughed, shared and ate prasadam together. Some of us talked about our lives, about their challenges and realizations. Then someone spontaneously unpacked his harmonium and we all did Kirtan together, just great! Of course this is only possible in India, here in the West both conductors and passengers would be overwhelmed 🙂

Why am I telling you all this?

Because, as you know, we have a great "Community Newsfeed" on this website, which is a bit unused at the moment, not least because I hardly post on it myself. Basically it's at least as good as Facebook or Twitter, with very similar features. Community members can, for example:

  • send private messages to other community members,

  • post on their own wall (including photos), as well as on the walls of others,

  • comment the posts of others.

To animate this community newsfeed, I first wanted to find a nice name for it. So today I wrote to Babaji Maharaja and asked him how I should best name the newsfeed. Among others, I suggested the name Radharani Express to him, because I remember that this was the train to Mathura, and I also liked the idea of all of us happily sitting together on a train to Vrindavan, laughing, helping and encouraging each other, talking about Krishna and the world. It is also a little play on words, because the English verb "express" means "to express or articulate oneself (one's nature, opinion, vision, feelings, etc.)". It seems now that this train does not exist (anymore?) or my memory has deceived me, because in the internet I only found a "Rajdhani Express" in Mathura. But that doesn't really matter, Babaji Maharaja liked the name and approved it immediately 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to say that on the one hand I find it a bit of a pity that only a few community members give their name, let alone upload a photo of themselves. On the other hand, I understand that there may be good reasons why someone would like to remain anonymous at first. Personally, I am planning to post regularly in the Radharani Express in the near future and would be happy if as many of you as possible would use this nice platform for themselves as well.

One more little tip:

The Radharani Express is only visible to our community, i.e. to registered users, and the posts and pictures in it are also only visible to our community and not to the general public.

Jai Shri Radhe!