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nach monatelanger intensiver und freudiger Arbeit an dieser Webseite zusammen mit unserer Webdesignerin bin ich sehr glücklich, dass nun alles soweit vollendet ist. Heute am 9.9.2016
ist zudem der Erscheinungstag von Shrimati Radharani, ein äußerst glücksverheißender Tag
für die Premiere unseres Forums und dieser Webseite als Ganzes.

Anstelle von Verhaltensregeln möchte ich einfach alle TeilnehmerInnen höflich darum bitten,
nett zueinander zu sein und auch bei Meinungsverschiedenheiten – die naturgemäß immer irgendwann bei Diskussionen auftreten werden – stets den guten Ton zu wahren.

Ich freue mich auf einen regen Austausch.

Euer Vedanta

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The Storm has Come

The Storm has Come

Exactly 12 months ago, I wrote that all signs worldwide are pointing to storm. Now the storm is here and we are witnessing the world sliding into World War 3, sleepwalking and unstoppable as it happened in 1914.

The good news for us devotees, of course, is that there is absolutely no need to worry, Krishna takes care of us, always and in every way.

Nevertheless, great Vaishnavas like Shri Haridas Shastri Maharaj ji recommend us to plan ahead and to be prepared for crises. In the following again the corresponding quote from Shri Guru Darshanam:

First of all, war is inevitable, either now or later, because there is always a fight going on between the divine and demoniac potencies. Now the asurika power is becoming very prominent. We have to always stand on the right side and as far as possible support the right people. If you feel that something is going to be short in supply or that something is going to be a problem, you should plan to take care of that.

And because it just fits the context, here is another interesting quote from Shri Guru Darshanam regarding asuras:

Asuras are those who are not following discipline and who create disturbance. Their major attack is on brahmanas, which means on education. That is why they destroy the sacrifice and trouble or kill the brahmanas, because once education is destroyed, they can rule people. Illiterate people are easy to exploit, whereas you can't fool educated people easily.

If you wish, we can exchange more about "prepping" etc. on Radharani Express or via private messages (Message-Button within our community).

And always remember, Bhakti is absolutely independent of external circumstances, it is simply unstoppable. Only today I heard a class by Babaji Maharaja on exactly this subject, in which he referred to Prahlada Maharaja as a prime example. Shri Prahlada had so many obstacles in the way of his asura father, but his Bhakti yoga could not be stopped by any power in the world, not even by the overwhelmingly powerful Hiranyakashipu, against whom today's asuras are like little garden gnomes.

In this spirit I wish you and all of us a healthy and successful year 2020 crowned by Bhakti.

Radhe Radhe!